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Lisa Newton has written various books on the topic of money management including Make The Most of Your Money, Constant Cashflow and Think and Grow Rich.

Constant Cashflow is about how to make money flow to you every single day.

The problem with many individuals and small businesses is that they are heavily reliant on just one (possibly two) income streams, and yet they have many (10, 20, 30) outflows / expenses. This book looks at why that is, and how to turn that around, so that everyday is a potential payday!

constant cashflow


Think and Grow Rich is based on the 1937 classic by Napoleon Hill.

This 2015 edition has been revised and updated by Lisa Newton, and can be used as a workbook to work through the material. Despite initially being written almost 80 years ago, the material is still as relevant today as it was back then.

Think and Grow Rich


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Lisa Newton is the author of Make The Most Of Your Money. Lisa has various Money Management courses available. Check out the online course:Money Matters - In addition, you may be interested in the Constant Cashflow members club. An exclusive place to get coaching and support to improve your figures. Check out:The Inner Circle

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